‘The Journey dum dum duum #PauseForEffect’

This has been a long time coming and has in turn spawned into the bastard child of my procrastination… Yes, it is that term ‘blog’ which has caused such a kerfuffle, so I have decided to rename the entire concept! From henceforth ‘The days of Blog’ (as it is called on the files of my mac) shall have a sex change and be referred to as ‘The Journey dum dum duum #PauseForEffect’, (that is until I come up with a better name at least).

 So, to start ‘The Journey dum dum duum #PauseForEffect’, I am going to introduce a few things. I am indeed going to attempt to put to paper more often the goings-on of my head; and this attempt shall also at times be translated straight onto video with a more visual illustration of that which cannot be put to words (I imagine a lot of movement shall be involved). Also, a Presenter I am and I have my Music Blog coming soon, so very soon…

So you lovely folk, keep your screens peeled…

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