My London Fashion Week 2016.02.27

So I managed to hit one of the last days of London fashion week this Feb (so the saying goes – better late than never right)

It’s a funny one. I’ve been known to be a bit of a fashion enthusiast over the years, but I’m not sure what that even means to be honest. My grand plan was always to continue from my Architecture stint and head straight into a fashion masters. That was my logical brain telling me it was the smart way to go. ‘use your skills in maths and art, learn how to design buildings, and use that to create your clothes’. (I still think its a pretty logical thinking process, but hey, that’s another conversation for another day).

Truth is, I do love fashion, but only because I don’t feel pressurised to follow any rules or regulations. I wear what I feel! (granted, in this particular moment in my life, that has consisted of a fantastic array of super-hero adorned love and adoration – I refuse to hide my obsessions any longer)

I’ve been designing outfits my whole life. I have a depressing array of designs I have created since I was 13, but never really took them beyond myself. I was always told at the time, “yeah, but how plausible are these?”. You can imagine my horror and mortification now as I see some of those ideas prance across a runway having rebirthed nearly two decades later in the mind of another (again, another conversation for another day)

So yep, back to the London Fashion Week stint. It was good….that’s pretty much all I have to say. It was good. Maybe I should get a bit more descriptive….descriptiveness ensues….

So I entered the Saatchi Gallery not really having expected a shopping hall. It was nice. You got to see the outfits, the designers. Everything was priced with a discounted label (though I had a sneaky feeling the discounted element was a rouse to lure you in). Even so, I did fall in-love with this amazing lace top from Never Fully Dressed. It was white and very lacey (a massive problem when your fingers look like an heirloom chandelier of blue adornments (i.e. my rings)) so as you can imagine, me trying it on gave a few heart attacking moments to the poor designer (what can I say, I’m a try-er before a buyer). I then decided that I’d come back for it post catwalks…

Proceeding onto Catwalk 1! – It was a show about Trends. I was seated at the front which is always a nice feeling. We were then presented with 4 different sets of trends. Floral, Americana, Pop Art and Romance. We weren’t really told who made what or where each outfit was from, just that these were the looks that fitted those trends. There were a few lovely outfits, and a lot of shocking ones. But, it was just….aite. (I then proceeded to be far too distracted by the beauty of one of the models – a dimple on one cheek, she was an absolute stun face!)

Catwalk 2! – This was a better show for me showcasing the works of a specific designer – Temperley London . Temperley London’s designs are described as being ‘epitomised by modern bohemianism with a confident, feminine and effortless attitude while staying true to its British Heritage’. This definitely does come through her work. There were a few outfits that were stunning. I personally love outfits with a boho flair and she does this brilliantly. With her artisan techniques and intricate hand worked embellishment; there is an incredible amount of detail in her work. I didn’t love everything, but there were definitely some gems in there.

Temperley London

Needless to say, post show, I went and bought my stunning intricate lace top. Purchase at hand, I followed it on with a much needed Nandos. My belly was happy ^_^

London Fashion Week 2016 – Over and Out

Arazou x


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