Krav Maga P1 Grading

I DID IT!!!!!


image1.JPGThe day started with a stint of traffic madness. I had timed my journey perfectly with 20 minutes to spare. Still…somehow, I managed to get caught up in Londons road rage – result – I was 10 minutes late – Not a great look when you have a Krav Maga specialist awaiting in the front of the class with a notebook to grade….

Luckily for me, they were in the middle of warming up, and with the sweating running mess that I had arrived in, the instructor smiled and said ‘‘looks as though you’ve already done your warm up’’, and with that, the grading began.

I was worried that I would be left to the last of the pack with no partner to work with, but luckily for me, my partner from the previous week was there waiting and so I was good to go.

The whole session was done in our pairs. 3 hours of intense work out. We were asked to go through various set ups and moves. From our stances, to attacks, to defense forms, we had to go through and demonstrate them all. As the instructor went around the class with his notepad, he marked and graded each and every one of us individually.

My personal strengths lay in the individual moves. I can go through the processes with swift recall and power which is great. My photographic thinking helps me with this a lot. My downfalls? That hits when we have to combine the moves and present improvised combinations. I don’t know if its because of the pressure that you are under to get the combos correct, or whether my mind just decides to do its own thing, but I kind of felt like Joey from friends with all the French. Individually it was ‘Je-M’a-Ppelle’ – in a sentence…you guessed it…”Blablebloo’…makes me chuckle thinking about it. As incredibly frustrating as it was, I kept pushing through, and I figured out my problem. In my lifes pursuit of perfection, I have an innate automatic go-to for complication, whereas the key is always to keep it simple. Thankfully for me, I figured it quickly, and simplicity was my key.

The end of the class came with the grading announcements. I was next to my partner waiting as each name got called out. I was surprisingly anxious and wasn’t sure at all if I had passed. The last combo before closing was a shambles (I was confusing my 360 defenses with my inward defenses), and as I heard the instructor screaming ‘’Arazou! What are you doing’’ I was sure that it had failed me…but then it came. He stared at his paper, smiled, looked at me and pretended to hesitate, and then I he called my name! With a fat grin on my face, I officially got my grading! UBER PROUD I WAS! It’s just the first step, but I received my official signed certificate, with my Krav Maga Passport and P1 badge!

This does mean that I am officially considered dangerous…Be warned…I now have a license to whoop anyones arse! Arrrgghh…

Next step? – P2…

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