Krav Maga P2 National Grading


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I had my P2 grading this weekend, my first ever national grading may I add…

 I was nervous before…maybe that was a good thing as it forced me to take my training to a ‘5 days a week’ type of behaviour. But I did, I really wanted to get it.. The thought of failing and having to wait 6 whole months to grade again…well I didn’t really consider it as an option.The reality is, I probably wasn’t as prepared as I should have been. Having been ill, with work proving that late shifts can be life consuming, and a billion and one other excuses at play, I knew that I’d have to push myself to catch-up, but catch-up I did. (I put it down to my obsessive nature; once a seeds been planted in that brain of mine, then that seed must surely grow; so lets just say, this was one of those seeds..)

I think the other thing that had me worried, was partnering up (again). I seem to have this weird thing in me that hates the thought of inconveniencing others at my expense, and the reality is, in an environment such as Krav Maga, most of them are guys that want to pack a punch. Not that I can’t take it (I’m a tough old bird me), but the issue is more them than me…guys seem to think that they wouldn’t be able to to go ‘all out’ when paired with a girl. It’s a bit of a weird one, especially as I really don’t believe in all that crap – none of that shit really matters does it; ultimately you give as good as you get. Well in any case, I kind of enjoy the fact that when pairing with me, there’s always that initial look on the opponents faces – you know that look, the look of, ‘ok you’re just a girl’, but then POW, ‘ok, maybe you’re not just a girl’…haha priceless…

Anyway, I’m sidetracking again. Where was I…? Oh yeah, “partner”… Well, long story short, my partner came in the form of an oldschool Italian charmer, Danilo. A firecracker ex-sergeant who loves his antiques, and a suave Romeo of his time I’m sure; and what a partner he was. It was less than a week to go for the grading where he turned around and said, ‘we’re the same size, lets pair!’ And that was that!


Grading day – I arrived at 0900, and left at 1630….It was a long-ass day. I had no idea what to expect, so nerves were kicking in. We went in, took a seat, and the grading began..

First up, we were given our introductions. The grading would consist of skill and technique demonstrations, sparring and a fitness challenge right at the end… But first, warm up.

We were placed in rows opposite our partners, (we made sure we were smack bam in the middle. The theory was that surely he’d start at either end, and the middle was always the safe bet – we were wrong.) First we had to demonstrate an array of strikes as requested, while the examiner went around observing. Jabs, crosses, uppercuts, hooks, elbows, hammers; vertical, straight, horizontal, literally the whole 9 yards of it. We also had kicks, roundhouse, knees, stomping, etc. We continued with a series of different combination attacks and attacks from various distances. We then moved onto the defences; inside, outside, legs – the lot. Then we went onto knife threats and attacks, before moving onto choke releases and then choke releases while on the ground. Finally, we had a whole bunch of work to do with kick-shields, three person attacks, sparring, before finally the dreaded fitness challenge. 100 combat sprawls and 200 hundred K.O punches in under 10 minutes. Believe me when I tell you, it is not as easy as it sounds. I started feeling so physically sick at one point, that I felt like I was hurling. The instructors response? “So what? Step outside, vomit, then continue!”. Needless to say, I kept it in and continued. I managed to do it in 8.18 minutes – Panting, sweating, collapsed on the floor; it wasn’t pretty.

And with the end of that, we were done.

Results came – first we had a whole group feedback, then individual. He started off saying that 85% of the group failed in the knife attacks. He showed us the mistakes everyone was doing, but I didn’t recognise any of them (good sign). Then he read out a few names, and mine was one of them… these were the names of the ones who would have survived (literally what he said) I was so pleased, I couldn’t strike the grin off my face! I looked around, and the fact that I had done better than most there, well, it felt priceless, especially in such a male dominated sport.

Things I did need to work on however, were the continuation of my strikes. I have a tendency to stop my strikes as soon as I touch my partner. The general rule however, is that you need to continue them to a full stretch, as if you are punching through a wall, not just the surface of it. The examiner said it’s difficult to see, let alone judge a strike, when it’s not fully extended. That is something I definitely need to work on.

All in all, I was the highest marking girl in my grade, and I got higher than a lot of the dudes too, so not bad for a chick hey 😉 With that, I officially have my P2! Admittedly, I can be a competitive arsehole at times, (hey, I’m a Capricorn); so grading helps my motivation a lot, that’s for sure. Danilo passed too, and he actually got the top 3 in our group, so I was mucho proud of him! Or as he put it, Sono molto proud anch’io! (I’m very proud of us too) – I think I’m going to get him to teach me Italian – that’s another task for another day..

The days that have passed have been interesting – limited movement, pain in places I’ve never felt before, and K.O. sleeping patterns that I’m pretty sure resemble a concussion. Plus I look like a patchwork blanket with all of my war wounds; my legs are simply fugly right now – But my badge was totally worth it 😉

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My next one is the P3…Bring it on!

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5 thoughts on “Krav Maga P2 National Grading

  1. Congratulations! I just had my first krav maga lesson last night, and even though it left me sore and exhausted almost to the breaking point, I loved it! Best of luck in your quest to achieve P3!

    1. No Way!!! Congratulations for starting! (its going to be a crazy, but empowering journey ahead) Bumps and bruises will turn into your battle wounds, flaunt them, just means you can kick some serious arse! haha
      Thank you lovely, good luck on your journey too! You’ll be amazing in your first step 😉 x

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