Krav Maga P3 National Grading!

It happened…Again it did….

So the 26th of March brought on my P3 National Grading…


This time round, the numbers had cut massively from the last P2 grading, which bought on a massive sense of achievement, having myself taken the ‘fuck it’ approach and just gone for it.

First things first, it very soon dawned on me that I was the only girl within my grading level. (Dusts off shoulders) #BringIt! 😉


Things were slightly different this time…The rules now state that you cannot go for an official grading unless you have been recommended by an instructor at an Expert level. I suppose it makes sense as they want to make sure you’re really ready. Lucky for me, I had the faith of my brilliant instructor Robbie, who is a beast of the field in his own right!

As ever, I went all super obsess mode the 2 weeks coming up to the Grading (naturally), brushing up on all the new skills I needed from the P3 Syllabus. So in terms of any of the P3, I felt I had it pretty much down. The irony was that, what was getting me nervous was the attempted remembrance of the previous P2 and P1 syllabus (out of sight, out of mind evidently isn’t always your best friend). You never just get graded on your current level. Every grading you go to, you practically get re-graded for all prior levels to the one you are aiming for.

This time round, I found that my approach totally differed. Something clicked in my head, and for the first time, I understood the reasoning of all the moves…then suddenly everything made sense. Everything we do, is just a variation on previous things we’ve done…it’s a great mind state to have, especially going into a national grading…immediately it wasn’t as daunting anymore…

So Grading began, and it was a brutal non-stop 6 hour challenge. You go through many thought processes as it happens, mainly being, ‘why on earth am I choosing to do this to myself’ (you get the picture)…

Oh and I forgot to mention, my partner was my trusted Italian Stallion Danilo again!

And so it began, P1, to P2, to P3. With the addition of the third syllabus, it was definitely longer lasting than the last one.

I found myself a bit more confident this time round. I recognised my weaknesses and just pushed on through. Most surprising was some of the strength pointers I was getting from the examiners; the best being the dreaded rolls. I had refused to practice any of the rolls, forward or backward, in fear of an injury just before the grading; but put on the spot, I just went for it and somewhat tumbled through. You can imagine my surprise when I heard the examiner walk passed saying “perfect”. Naturally I thought him insane but decided to take that and run with it.

There were a few other notary points which made me proud, where I was the first to demonstrate a move properly. This is where I remind you that being the only girl of the bunch, there was a huge sense of achievement from any point given.


As ever, we ended on a 100 sprawls and 200 strikes. I beat my time by nearly 2 mins getting it in 6.20! BOOM! (I may have hopped through the last few, but who’s calling the sprawl police) =P

Results time, and straight off the bat, we were told that not everyone had passed. I suddenly had a sunken feeling of ‘shit fuck!’ The idea of not being able to grade again for a whole 6-7 months, really dawned on me and weighed me down. Plus, I could feel the energy too, being the only girl, I knew that all failing expectations were cast straight onto me.

The examiner went through one by one with feedback, critique and grade. I was 4th in-line.

He began with notes of improvement. I have power in my strikes apparently, but don’t always recoil which can lose momentum on the strikes. Second main point was that I suffer from “too many knees syndrome”. The comment here was “you have one hell of a dangerous groin kick, why don’t you use it more! Seek and destroy!” haha That did make me chuckle. The irony is, these were my two main points of worry and has been since I’ve started. I really shy away from combination strikes and result in falling back on my safe old knees (oh how I love a kneeing) I was once (various times) called ‘snakey knees’ in class. Those knees will come at you and you wont even see it coming haha I’m side-tracking now, but you get the point…In short, I could totally agree and take those points on board.


Then the result…I was so fucking nervous by this point…then he just came out with it. Told me it was a really good test and I passed! Not only did I get my P3, but I came out with the second highest mark in the grading!!!!!

I looked over to Robbie, and we simultaneously squishy face smiled with pride! The feeling of achievement, it was bloody amazing!


Now, I am totally braced for my P4 in October!!!

Mother fucking bring it on!!!



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